Bogota Travel Guide - Colpatria Viewpoint

The 22 Places To Go in Bogotá: Colpatria Viewpoint


Located over the Colpatria Tower, called the skyscraper of Bogota and Colombia, this viewpoint is the best place to contemplate the city of bogota and the hills of Bogota.

The Colpatria Tower is one of the principal financial centers on the nation, where all kind of financial transactions have place thats why represents the thrust of the Colombian people..

Builded ib 1979, The Colpatria Tower offer to the north, the Suba anthens, to the South Ciudad Bolivar, to the east the hills and to the west the international Airport of Dorado, the location of the tower is between the 26th av and the 7th street.

Such construction also has been a deportive scene of acens, because a variety of national and foreign athletes have tried to climb the tower by bicycle, motorcycle, roller skating, and loops through the 50 floors that offers; Such record imposed by Francisco Sanchez who takes only 5 minutes with 52 seconds to acend the tower.

In the Colpatria's Viewpoint also we could find a variety of potent telescopes wich you can use to appreciate the sunsets, starts and the bogota Skies.

Cra. 7 No. 24 – 89 / On two of the main streets of the city, 26th street and 7th avenue

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays 09 am- 6 pm.

Price: $1.60 dollar

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