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Bogota is the capital of Colombia and in turn the country's administrative capital. It is located on the Gran Sabana in Bogota to 2600 meters above sea level, is the highest plateau of the Colombian Andes. The city has several easy points of entry by road. Likewise, the capital with tourist information centers located in the most visited areas. The time difference with respect to Greenwich is five hours.

Given the topography of the land formation, the Capital District has floor heat and cold moor. The floors are washed by the waters of rivers Salitre, Bogotá, San Cristobal and Fucha or Tunjuelito, and some minor currents. The city itself is limited by the wetlands east of Green Cross, the Guadalupe and Monserrate hill, top of the hunters and the Blade, The Chiscal and west by the river Bogota.

Bogota has an average temperature of 15 º C, which can vary between 9 and 22 º C. Dry and rainy seasons are altered throughout the year. December, January, February and early March are the driest months. April, May, September, October and November are the wettest. June and July are of little rain, August is marked by strong winds and sunny days, used to raise season comets.

Bogota was founded on August 6 by the Spanish in 1538, Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, who initially called the Santa Fe under the regime of Spain since that time until 20 July 1810, when settlers were Creoles cry of independence , were annexed in 1954 in Bogota, the municipalities of Usme, Bosa, Fontibon, Engativá, Suba and Usaquén and created the Special District of Bogota, in 1991 by the new constitution and then it became the Capital District. It is now a modern metropolis, which has been transformed over the years without losing its value and cultural heritage.

The official currency is the peso ($) and the reference to the fluctuation of the exchange rate is the U.S. dollar. The exchange houses, banks and ATMs are located in different parts of the city. International cards are accepted at almost all establishments and shopping malls. Travelers checks can be used only in exclusive hotels.

The official language:
In Colombia speaks Spanish, the language spoken by its inhabitants is English, which has enough demand for the high flow of people arriving from different parts of the world to do business, work and tourism.

Its people:
The city currently has a population of 7'8 million and only 15 thousand of them are located in rural areas. The capital brings together people in a representative from around the country. The Bogota are characterized by serious, cordial and workers. The shape of the capital imposes dress fashion are using at the time in the world. Rumba tastes in food, and other walks are varied and that Bogota is a city that offers a variety of dishes for every kind of palate. all this information can be found on the main menu Where to eat in Bogota and Where to club in Bogota

Bogota has the El Dorado International Airport, and land transport terminal, located in the west of the city. It concentrates 65% of the operations of the country. You can find in the area of passenger arrival points of tourist information. The transport terminal is divided into five modules identified with different colors, where passengers from different parts of the country are arriving, remember that the tourist information point is in the form 5.

Bogota as the great capitals of the world, also offers rental cars either through virtual or in different points of tourist information. Bogota's public transport consists of buses, busetas, taxis and the Transmilenio, a bus service articulated very modern, this is one of the most important attractions of the city, which is transported easily and quickly and is used by most the capital city.

The symbols of the country are more significant:
The flag: yellow and red. Yellow represents justice, mercy, kindness and virtue. The red symbolizes freedom, health and charity. This flag was used by the patriots in the independence of the July 20, 1810. The Shield: Take an eagle in the center, symbolizing the strength, and nine grenades around them that represent the courage and boldness. Chorus of its anthem: Then a hymn to your heaven, your land and your pure life! White star that shines in the Andes!! Wide path that goes to the future! .. The flower is the flagship of Bogota Orquídea.

The traveler to enter Colombia, where they must fill out a form declaring their baggage, cargo, personal effects and money entering the country. For more information visit the website where you will find information on Customs and taxes. On page. web. can find out about visas and permits for travelers from abroad.

Bogota is one of the cities of Colombia which has the largest cultural programme for both children and adults, is the only International Theatre Festival every two years in March, international festival of poetry, short story contest for children in May , Book fair in August and other activities for culture also has scenarios designed for this purpose as the Media cake, theaters, etc.., Finds all this information in the main menu "Places to go in Bogota"

Throughout the year various events held in Bogota at the international level for the interest of all, the programming can be found on the main menu "When to go to Bogota."

Through the Internet, is the easiest way to find job vacancies, and can go to the streets in SENA 65 cr. 13 or through its web page. link in the public service of unemployment, this is a nationwide organization that offers a range of opportunities in employment as a virtual studio, and semi-face.

Travel agencies:
Internal consistency was found in a wide range of travel agencies and tourism, where you find the information from the various tourist packages that puedra enjoy.

The District Administration is working to strengthen education through colleges and universities, is currently creating a program where colleges implement official bilingualism from basic education. There are variety of public and private educational institutions offering courses in technical and technological level. The National Service Learning SENA has an extensive educational and agreements with universities that allow students to supplement their professional career. University education is offered to public and private entities to enable them to develop careers in the professional field, both nationally and internationally.

The city has a variety of media such as radio AM and F.M. national and international channels of television, as well as a local channel that keeps people informed of all developments in the city. There are daily newspapers that can also be viewed on the Internet, there are ten different publications for the interests of each. The telephone network is of great importance to communications, whether for personal or business, through fixed lines, cellular and Internet.

The international Bogota is 011 + 57 (country cod) + 1 (cod region) + personal number.

The line serves 123 all emergencies that occur in this city, it communicates with the Police, Fire, Red Cross, transit. DPAE the Directorate for Prevention and Emergency Bogota, is responsible for coordinating with relevant entities to continue operations in an emergency.

Key Figures:

  • Fanny Mikey: Those who believe in 1988 the Iberoamerican Theater Festival on the occasion of the celebration of 450 years of the founding of Bogota, achieving make this one of the most important cultural festivals at the international level. Died in 2008.
  • Juan Fernando Fonseca: Singer Tropipop of Bogotá, has been placed on the lists of the most listened on the radio and discotekas, already is being Concer at the international level.
  • Andres Cepeda: singer Bogotá, worthy representative of rock in Spanish for Latin America.
  • Ilona: songwriters Bogotá ranked as one of the best in the pop-rock musical of the country.
  • Jaime Garzon: Political humorist and killed Bogotá, known for his Zoociedad program, a satire of Colombian society.
  • Ana Mercedes Hoyos: Artist recognized in the world for his colorful and fresh work, his paintings reflect the fruit of the Atlantic coast.
  • Andres Lopez: Bogotá, pioneer of stand-up comedy in Colombia, with his work "The ball letters" parody of different generations Colombian was hailed around the world yobtuvo Diamond DVD by Universal Music.
  • Antanas Mockus: Mathematician, philosopher and politician. He was mayor of Bogota twice from 1995 to 1997 and from 2001 to 2003. He created the inhabitants citizenship.
  • Juan Pablo Montoya: It succeeded in entering the major auto racing tracks, his talent came to light in circuits, shining as the first Latin American to achieve an award in Formula 1.


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