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Architectural Tour in the Central Cemetery

The Central Cemetery is the oldest in Bogotá National Monument in 1984 for its historical significance, architectural and cultural in Colombia, located in the south side of Avenida El Dorado between 20 and 21 races. Building began in 1832 but only opened its doors in 1836 under President Rufino Cuervo and Francisco de Paula Santander. There are buried more than a hundred personalities of great importance for the country in the political, military, and religious art.

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Date of Plan:
Date of Plan:

Services included in the plan:

  • Tourism Guide specializing in history and architecture of the cemetery
  • Join and pedestrian travel in the Central Cemetery
  • Travel Sector 1: Ellipse and Central Camellón and / or Sector 2: Trapeze
  • Visit to the tombs, mausoleums and important personalities yacientes Columbian
  • Comprehensive Health Care Cards
  • Picture postcard cemetery
  • Company Detail
Architecture: Republican

The Plan does not include:

  • Expenses not specified in the program.

Travelling time: 3 Hours (Visit 1 or 2 Sector) or 5 hours (visit 1 and 2 Sector)

Rates per person:

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Tour Description:

Central Catholic Cemetery of Bogotá since opening contains much of the history of Colombia as a Republic. On this tour you will appreciate the quality of the sculptures of renowned artists, as well as the architectural beauty of their tombs and mausoleums, appreciate and admire worth in the company of one of our best tour guides specialized in tourism and architectural tours of the Central Cemetery of Bogota.

The route can be divided into two sectors:

1 Sector: Ellipse and central ridge TOUR: Tour the Appian pedestrian cemetery, as well as its more illustrious lying..

2 Sector: KEYSTONE SECTOR TOUR: Product successive enlargements, the sector trapezius named for its irregular shape houses the mausoleum of the country's leading organizations and relevant national life characters.

Featured Monuments:

  • Cenotafio de Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada (fundador de Bogotá)Cenotaph of Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada (founder of Bogotá)
  • Bronze sculpture of La Piedad (sculptor Hermenegildo Luppi)
  • Pantheon of the National Army of Colombia
  • Pantheon of the National Police of Colombia
  • Pantheon of Municipal Workers Union
  • Chapel of the Bank of the Republic
  • Mausoleum of the Federation of Employees of Bogotá
  • Mausoleum Bogotá Journalists Circle
  • Mausoleum of the National Association of Builders
  • Mausoleum of Railway Pensioners Society
  • Mausoleum Workers Union of Electricity
  • Bavaria Brewery Mausoleum

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