Bogota Travel Guide - Tourist Plans for Bogota

Tourist Plans for Bogota

You do not have to sit and wonder what you can do in Bogota. Instead, you can live it and discover it through which offers a variety of different tourist plans in Bogota. Experience the city through its beautiful culture, history, art, romance, and fun!

Cultural Tour of Bogota

Planes Turisticos - Tour cultural Bogotá Visit Bogota's best cultural places, such as the Planetarium. At the Bogota Planetarium you will enjoy the art of learning through a great number of activities. You can also enjoy a breath of fresh air in the Botanical Garden featuring the diverse flora and fauna that hides in our country.

Historic Tour in Bogotá

Planes Turisticos - Tour historico Bogotá Take a journey through time in the capital's city center which is filled with historic anecdotes, beautiful stories, monuments, architecture, museums, and streets that still conserve their traditional colonial style.

Visit to the Gold Museum in Bogota

Planes Turisticos - Museo del oro Bogotá One of the most important museums of Latin America, with new installations that evoke the variety of cultures and pre-Colombian stories filled with natural richness, goldsmith, and artifacts once owned by one of these diverse cultures.

Shopping Tour in Bogota

Planes Turisticos - tour de compras Bogotá Bogota is home of a great variety of exclusive shopping centers. From originality and variety, you will be absolutely pleased with all that you can find in the many shops and boutiques in Bogota. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy our very own "tea time".

Night Tour in Bogota

Planes Turisticos - tour nocturno Bogotá The evening tour is meant to show the many aspects of this cosmopolitan city. Its diversity in shops, restaurants, and clubs is comparable to those of some of the biggest city's in the world. The Pink Zone (la Zona Rosa) features contagious fun to enjoy Bogota's nightlife.

Romantic Night in Bogota

Planes Turisticos - noche romántica Bogotá Enjoy one our exclusive romantic plans for the perfect date in Bogota. Carefully planed to make a romantic evening filled with love and magic, every detail is meant for you and your loved one to have an unforgettable date under the moonlight closer to the stars.

Bogota Brunch

Planes Turisticos - onces santafereñas Bogotá If you are looking for a relaxing mid-day pause from the non-stop drive of the city, you can enjoy a lovely afternoon indulging the traditional Colombian "tea time," or as we call them "onces santafereñas".

Theme Parks Tour in Bogotá

Planes Turisticos - Parques temáticos Bogotá Our city is designed to grant all their wishes, our parks have a variety of attractions and entertainment in addition to this technology have, much to enjoy nature and culture at large.

Tourist Plans for Bogota

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