Bogota Travel Guide - Where to club in Bogota

Where to club in Bogota

Bogota rumba is characterized by constant and for all tastes. If you want one of those bohemian site, where they just want to hear good music beside a cozy fireplace and a glass of wine there is. For "rumbero" not to dance until dawn to the rhythm of salsa, merengue and reggaeton, there are specialized sites. If you want to hear just a musical rhythm, do not worry in Bogota you can find anywhere in the city.

There are places throughout the night to offer a rate specific haggard. Also you can find the best disjokeys arriving from other countries to offer their concerts. The most important artists of salsa, vallenato, merengue are constantly filling in the capital of good music most favorite places in Bogota.

So get ready and pick the best place rumba ...

Where to club in Bogota - Zona " T "

It is the epicenter of the Zona Rosa, located in 82 street in front of the carrera12 Andino Shopping Center. This sector for several years and offers tourists andalusia andalusia Bogota best rumba of the capital, is known for its bars and terraces with tables lit by candles which makes it an ideal location, cozy and romantic. You only have to choose the bar, the music is in everyone.

Spaces are mostly accompanied by lounge music to the delight of all. Also enjoy the rumba and electronic crossover in discotekas decorated especially for this type of music.

Bogotá Beer Company:
Bar-style English, Mixed Rock classic and contemporary, craft brewery proudly Bogota
Location: Cra. 12 No. 83-33
Telephone: 8026737 - 8029762

Casa de la Cerveza:
Recommended dishes are the mixed grill and barbecue, enjoyment in the nights of a good party crossover.
Location: Cll 83 No. 12 A 36
Telephone: 6348910

Harry Sasson:
This is a site of haute cuisine, It offers an international menu with Asian influences, live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Location: Cll 83 No. 12 - 49                             
Telephone: 6164520

Aura Bar:
A good place for the electronic rumba, must do reserve.
Location: Av. 82 No. 12 - 29                             
Telephone: 2186913

Where to club in Bogota - Usaquen

North of the city, between Carreras 5 and 6 and the streets 117 and 120 of Bogota. Find where lounge music, jazz, karaoke. Usaquén live in a descomplicado the heat of a fireplace. Found in several places in this area rumba, mostly led by internationally recognized DJs.

Its premises are decorated with a colonial style of the time when the city was built. This is a good place to enjoy when you decide to visit Bogota.

Barba Rosa:
Lounge Music, Wednesday jazz and weekend DJ's
Location: Cra. 6 No. 117 - 44
Telephone: 2134504

El Gato Gris:
Groups live Wednesday to Saturday
Location: Cra. 5 Cll 120A                              
Telephone: 2148362

Karaoke and live concerts
Location: Cra. 5 No. 119 -55                              
Telephone: 6123741

Where to club in Bogota - Park on 93rd

It is located north of the city between Carreras 11 and 15 streets and 88 to 94. It is an area frequented by youth and adults, since it combines all the best style musical rhythms of the city. They are wrapped in a bohemian atmosphere warm and welcoming venues where you can enjoy live music with the most recognizable voices in the city.

Bars are fun for the rhythm of salsa and vallenato, some with live bands. Most local feature terraces make this a very cozy place.

El Sitio:
Artists, live music
Location: Cra. 11A No. 93 - 52
Telephone: 5305050

Punto G:
Enjoy live music of the orchestra's place
Location: Cll 94 No. 11 - 46                              
Telephone: 6167046

Ramón Antigua:
Music of all time, Thursday night's singles
Location: Cll 93A No. 13 B 56                             
Telephone: 6918700

Where to club in Bogota - Zona Rosa

Bars set up to provide an environment for the rumba hip. hop, and electronic tropipop most other offer variety of musical rhythms in the same place, the walls of the bars are designed to attract customers looking for because they are side by side.

Are favorable to start enjoying an excellent evening of rumba, even better if animated by Djs of international stature.

Alma :
Three floors of music: hip hop, tropipop and electronica.
Location: Cll 85 No. 12 - 51
Telephone: 6228289

It offers varied music, movies are projected in the afternoons
Location: Cra. 14 No. 82 - 50                             
Telephone: 2180727

Bar with a terrace lounge atmosphere with music
Location: Cra. 12 No. 83 - 23                             
Telephone: 6101727

Where to club in Bogota - La Candelaria

La Candelaria is located in the city center, between 3 and 5 and runs the streets 15 and 17. In this place meet with salsa and Afro beat. Similarly bohemian music, music of the interior, vallenato and bars offering tango, techno and a great variety of rhythms. One of the main characteristics of this area is its beautiful architecture, is a place where the streets is reflected in the colonial era.

In the morning hours is transited by college students, tourists and staff offices and warehouses, but at night tends to be an area a little lonely.

It is one of the most versatile in the sector, the day serves as a simple restaurant with rustic decor
Hours: Monday through Wednesday 8 AM 12 AM / Thursday to Saturday 8 a.m. 3 AM
Location: Cll. 13 No. 4 - 94
Phone: 3423742

A magical place with paintings of fairies and elves, where they heard rock & roll of the 60s, 70s and 80s
Location: Cra 2 No. 13 A 40

Its enormous sofas and ample space makes this a very pleasant and attractive bar andalusia are rock.
Hours: Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 3a.m.
Location: Cl 19 No. 3 A 43


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