Guide Bogota - Monserrate Cava Plan

Monserrate Cava Plan

Romantic Bogota: Special Plan Monserrate

Surprise your beloved (or) with a different plan and special, the restaurant's wine cellar San Isidro is reserved exclusively for you, there will be attended by the Sommelier personalemte and enjoy a fine bottle of wine while projecting images from photographs of the pair set with a special melody for two. Perfect time to make a declaration of love. After San Isidro in the restaurant enjoy a spectacular dinner with the best panoramic view of the city and listening to beautiful piano melodies played on Live.


We build the plan according to your needs:
Date of Plan:
Plan Kind:

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Cost per couple:

  • $580.000 Colombian Pesos (COP) 2013 Rate valid
  • For more information Call any phone in Bogota315 3054 cellular 310 341 9849

The Plan includes:

  1. Ascent by cable car to Monserrate
  2. Tour of the hill, panoramic view of the city
  3. Tourist guide of romantic stories Bogota
  4. Reserve exclusive and romantic decoration in San Isidro Cava Restaurant.
  5. Special reserve at Restaurant Casa San Isidro
  6. Personalized Sommelier in Cava
  7. CD with photographs of the couple and edited to music. (Photographs submitted in advance to make the cd)
  8. Dinner includes: (entry, entree, beverage, dessert, glass of wine, does not include shellfish)
  9. Live music in the restaurant (Piano)
  10. Cookies Cazucá Hearts "FUNDEHI" * Foundation for Integral Human Development
  11. Chocolates "FUNDEA" Pregnant Teen Foundation
  12. Handles "Spika ACCESSORIES" Craft Sale.
  13. Souvenir photograph
  14. Integral Medical Assistance Card
  15. Souvenir photograph

Additional not included in the Plan:

  • Bouquet of Roses - View more information here
  • Door to door transport
  • Collection and Transport classic car tour
  • Medical Assistance Card

The Plan does not include:

  • Expenses not specified in the program.
  • Dinner does not include: (seafood, 1/2 or 1 bottle of wine) In case of ordering must pay the additional value at the restaurant.

Plan Description:

This plan begins with the ascent of Cerro de Monserrate on the cable car, under the shelter of the sky and the moonlight, then make a short tour of the main areas of the hill in the company of a tour guide who will narrate stories romantic Bogota that are part of the history of this beautiful city, stories that fall in love even more to be surrounded by the magic that holds this place, take advantage to enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the city.

Was taken to the Wine Cellar Restaurant San Isidro, quiet place and decorated exclusively for you, will be attended personally by the Sommelier who will recommend the place the bottle of wine that should take, including over 90 references of different countries. (Price of a bottle of wine NOT is included in the plan, Click here to view the wine list ). and would project pictures of the couple set with a beautiful melody especially for two. Making it the perfect environment to make a declaration of love.

Then enjoy an unforgettable moment closer to the stars with a delicious romantic dinner in the heat of the candles, the renowned restaurant in San Isidro de Monserrate, decorated with live music through the notes of a romantic piano while admiring one of the most spectacular views of Bogota.

Our company were to give them some delicious biscuits and delicious chocolate heart, a Colombian crafts to handle each and a printed photograph to have a detail that I always remember this wonderful moment. To end undertake the descent of the mountain in the cable car to Monserrate station.

The Plan does not include:

The chosen bottle of wine in the cellar will be canceled by the customer in the restaurant

Dinner does not include: (seafood, or another bottle of wine ordered in addition to the vena cava) In case of ordering must pay the additional value at the restaurant.

Gastos no estipulados en el programa.


  • Protocol and Policy for the restaurant is only allowed to decorate the table with some rose petals.
  • "In furtherance of the provisions of Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, our agency warns the tourist exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country are criminal and administrative sanctions according to law"

    Remember to take any of our plans to support these:

    FUNDEA "Pregnant Teen Foundation”:

    Fundea is a nonprofit entity for Welfare abalada family, his job is to escort a pregnant underage girls from low socioeconomic strata and their babies.

    Provides tools for young mothers to be active and productive, with an attitude of social leadership as a woman to succeed in making part of the corporate assets to themselves and their children.

    One of his tasks is making some rich export quality chocolates that you enjoy once you choose this plan.

    FUNDEHI "Foundation for Integral Human Development":

    FUNDEHI is an entity based on Integral Human Development of the most vulnerable communities in Bogota to meet basic human needs such as subsistence, protection, affection, identity and freedom.

    A group of women, mothers head made delicious cookies for those who want to support them to transform their reality into new opportunities for their families, this product is made in the mountains of the highlands of Cazucá, Bogotá.

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