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It's a different plan can enjoy romantic couple, ideal to celebrate an anniversary, engagement or months to make a declaration of love. By this time a reason to fall in love even more, letting the creative juices flowing in a special and fun evening. Each draw the ring from her partner and then set a romantic mood for the occasion will make delivery of this beautiful detail.


We build the plan according to your needs:
Date of Plan:
Plan Kind:

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Cost per couple:

  • From $410.000 Colombian Pesos (COP) Rate valid 2014
  • For more information Call any phone in Bogota

    315 3054 cellular 310 341 9849

The Plan includes:

  1. Tickets to the Gold Museum (optional tour Romantic)
  2. Accompanying guide.
  3. Consultancy Jewellery Workshop.
  4. 950 sterling silver rings for two
  5. Rental implements and tools
  6. Cups of hot wine and 2 snacks in one of the finest coffees in the sector
  7. Cazucá Hearts Cookies "FUNDEHI" Foundation for Integral Human Development
  8. Chocolates "FUNDEA" Pregnant Teen Foundation
  9. Handles "Spike ACCESSORIES" Colombian Crafts
  10. Souvenir photograph.
  11. Medical Assistance Card

Additional not included in the Plan:

  • Bouquet of Roses - See more information here
  • Box of chocolates
  • Serenades: Solos, Duos, Trios, Quartets, Quintets (Violin, Saxophone, Guitar, Singer, French Accordion, Harp, Bass) View more information here
  • Mariachis serenade
  • Door to door transport by private car
  • Collection and transport classic car tour

The Plan does not include:

  • Expenses not specified in the program.

Plan Description:

It begins with a guided visit to Museo del Oro, where you will see the different metals and the beautiful work of the goldsmith, a time where love will recognize the jewelry artisans of different metals that recreated the finest pre-Columbian pieces.

Jewelry visit the area where La Candelaria appreciate new trends and designs in modern jewelry work, come to the workshop of one of the most famous jewelers in the area.

plan argollas - anillo de compromiso

In this workshop you will experience the magic of creation and know the technique of drafting their own rings, all guided by the artist and jeweler's workshop, presented him at the end, each decorated to deliver a package to your partner.

After this wonderful experience will enjoy a delicious glass of mulled wine accompanied by fine-mouth happens in one of the industry's most romantic cafes, surrounded by the enabling environment to deliver the rings and make a declaration of love.


Our plans are tailored to the needs of each person. Ask Our Partner business advisors about other offers to build your plan according to their needs. Make a Romantic Evening in Bogota experience unforgettable.

Opinions on our romantic dinners:

  • Aura Cristina Geithner and Thomas Corell
    "Friends of"' BogotaTravelGuide": We wanted to thank you for your good energy, care and support they gave us the day we decided to commit. That day so unforgettable! The walk to Candelaria, classic cars, the site for the realization of the Rings and all its staff made us feel always at home. We think of those who in humility, honesty and dedication is known to people. You are trustworthy and have earned our friendship forever. Millions of thanks for everything and keep giving magical moments! "

  • Sergio Hernán Restrepo
    " A wonderful evening and perfect for the one year anniversary with my wife, she was surprised and was an unforgettable moment which we will remember forever. Thanks! "

  • Sandra Charris
    " Invite to my parents anniversary and they said they plan to make this commitment revived among them, who had not received a gift so beautiful in a long time, thank you very much for the guide and the jeweler for the good treatment, availability and to have them patience with my folks. Left me wanting to do on my next birthday. "

  • Eliana Maria Sanchez
    "Thank you for everything! , Compliance with the guidance and organization of this plan were impeccable, like the warmth of the people who greeted us with great taste, good couple plan to spend on a magical evening, and night came to finish off a delicious glass of wine warm light of candles, with exquisite rings of squid. An Unforgettable plan worth taking. "

  • Camila Gutierrez
    "A night full of romance, after making a nice engagement rings, memories that we stay forever, and an experience that I thought it could do. You want to stay with their unforgettable plan , thanks for everything. "

"In furtherance of the provisions of Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, our agency warns the tourist exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country are criminal and administrative sanctions according to law. "

Remember to take any of our plans to support these:

FUNDEA "Pregnant Teen Foundation”:

Fundea is a nonprofit entity for Welfare abalada family, his job is to escort a pregnant underage girls from low socioeconomic strata and their babies.

Provides tools for young mothers to be active and productive, with an attitude of social leadership as a woman to succeed in making part of the corporate assets to themselves and their children.

One of his tasks is making some rich export quality chocolates that you enjoy once you choose this plan.

FUNDEHI "Foundation for Integral Human Development":

FUNDEHI is an entity based on Integral Human Development of the most vulnerable communities in Bogota to meet basic human needs such as subsistence, protection, affection, identity and freedom.

Un grupo de mujeres, madres de cabeza elaboran unas deliciosas galletas para quienes desean apoyarlas transformando su realidad en nuevas oportunidades para sus hogares, este producto es elaborado en las montañas de los altos de Cazucá, Bogotá.

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