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Christmas Tour by Boyacá 2012

Boyacá In recent years has been characterized by surprise with its spectacular Christmas lights in the most important and historical department.

We invite you to enjoy this experience with your family and friends to enjoy this tour and you from becoming infected with the spirit of Christmas.

The plan includes:

  1. Tourist Transport (from a previously agreed)
  2. Travel: Bogota - Ventaquemada - Tibasosa - Nobsa - Corrales - Boyacá Bridge - Bogota
  3. Travelling time: 17 hours approx.
  4. Departure: 3pm - Arrival: 8am the next day.
  5. Professional Tour Guides
  6. Coordinators of the event (for large groups)
  7. Snack: cheese and arepa aguadepanela in Ventaquemada
  8. Dinner: ham and cheese double Sandwinch) + snacks + apple + dessert + drink
  9. Company Detail (handle in embossed leather) for c / u
  10. Interns (cookies and chocolates) for c / u
  11. Comprehensive medical card

The Plan does not include:

  • Expenses not specified in the program.

Rates private and group tours term 2011 - value per person

40 People

30 People

20 People

10 People

6 People

4 People

$95.000 c/u

$100.000 c/u

$120.000 c/u

$145.000 c/u

$160.000 c/u

$200.000 c/u

Plan Description:

This unique tour begins in Bogotá (3 pm start), which moved into Boyacá, one of the finest departments of Colombia and one of the most enlightened for the holiday season. The first place of importance for this is Christmas Tour Boyacá Bridge, since the buses can appreciate the beauty of the place, initially appreciated with panoramic view and then the back end of the tour visit the site.

It will make a stop in the town of Ventaquemada for a delicious snack and typical of the region, continue the path to where you can appreciate Tibasosa decoration and lighting of the central square and the beauty of one of the largest stalls displaying Colombia most representative of each municipality in Boyacá.

Then will be heading Nobsa beautifully decorated and illuminated, also offers one of the most beautiful cribs with moving figures Colombia for observing the various activities and customs of the region. The journey continues to Corrales one of the most enlightened municipalities of Boyaca-winning Christmas lighting contests. Starting back to Bogota, is a must in the Boyaca Bridge to see the spectacular Christmas decor and lighting you saw this place of magic and fantasy. The estimated time of arrival in Bogota is 8 am.

In every place mentioned we will stop about an hour for them to enjoy and appreciate each space carefully visited, making this event a quiet moment, relaxed and emotional to remember fondly.

Nuestros planes se ajustan a las necesidades de cada persona. Pregunte a nuetros asesores comerciales sobre otras ofertas para estructurar su plan de acuerdo asus necesidades. Haga de su Tour en Bogotá una experiencia inolvidable.

"In furtherance of the provisions of Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, our agency warns tourists that the sexual abuse and exploitation of children in the country are criminal and administrative sanctions in accordance with applicable laws”

If you take this plan you support the foundation Fundea

Fundea is a nonprofit entity for Welfare abalada family, his job is to escort a pregnant underage girls lower strata and their babies.

Da tools for young mothers to be active and productive, with an attitude of social leadership as a woman to make the system achieve corporate assets for themselves and their children.

One of its tasks is making some delicious chocolates export quality which you will enjoy once you choose this plan.

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