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Bogota Theme Parks

These parks are designed for large and small enjoy different activities through fantastic environments which combines science, technology and entertainment at one point to give one of the best experiences. The main goal of the creators of these theme parks is entertainment where visitors have fun while learning.

The Plan includes:

  1. Tourism Transport door to door
  2. Private tourist transportation during the tour
  3. Passport chosen theme park admission.
  4. Refreshment.
  5. Details of the company
  6. Medical Assistance Card.

Additional not included in the Plan:

  • Transportation (additional hours)
  • Travel guidance (additional hours)

The Plan does not include:

  • Expenses not specified in the program.

Rates per person:

For more information Call any phone in Bogota

315 3054 cellular 310 341 9849

Rates valid 2012

1  Person

2 people

3-4 people

7-8 people

9-10 people

11-12 people

13-16 people

17-22 people

23-28 people

29-34 people

35-40 people


$ everyone

$ everyone

$ everyone

$ everyone

$ everyone

$ everyone

$ everyone

$ everyone

$ everyone

$ everyone

Tour Description:

This plan includes transportation with tour escort, passport Theme Park chosen to be able to enter and enjoy a host of games and play and recreational activities depending on location. This plan also includes a snack in the chosen location.

The Interactive Center Maloka has at its disposal 9 rooms thematic exhibition, as well as 300 interactive modules, a Cinema Dome gigantic format, offering a 180 degree images where projected films among which include "Vertigo, Ocean Wild and Everest ". In the night from Friday to Sunday and Bank Holidays is offering a show of water sources.

World Adventure Park and Magic Salitre offer visitors spaces designed for fun and recreation in a sectioned, some areas are special for children, filled with playgrounds, other areas so they can share skills in games created for the whole family , extreme rides for those who like adventure and anything extreme.


In Adventure World can also enjoy natural areas that have suitable farms dynamically to show the natural life in a world full of magic of nature.

Indulge in the magic contained in these theme parks waiting for you.

Our plans are tailored to the needs of each person. Ask Our Partner sales advisors on other offers to build your plan according asus needs. Make your tour a memorable experience in Bogota.

" In furtherance of the provisions of Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, our agency warns the tourist exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country are criminal and administrative sanctions according to law.”

Tourist Plans for Bogota

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