Bogota Travel Guide - Romantic Dinner in La Calera

Romantic Dinner in La Calera

Romantic Night in Calera

In one of the best restaurants and convention centers in the city via La Calera, a couple enjoy a truly romantic evening. Welcoming atmosphere that promotes privacy for its architecture and design, with the magic that offers the beauty of nature around him, inspired by the tradition of an Italian family. Site accompanied by beautiful sunsets with the extraordinary panoramic view of the city night.


We build the plan according to your needs:
Date of Plan:
Plan Kind:

Our representatives will contact you back promptly!

Cost per couple:

  • $330.000 Colombian Pesos (COP) Rate valid 2014
  • For more information Call any phone in Bogota

    315 3054 cellular 310 341 9849

The Plan includes:

  1. Special Reserve at the Restaurant
  2. Special decoration in the table
  3. Dinner with a glass of wine (excluding seafood)
  4. Dinner includes: (appetizer, entree, beverage, dessert, glass of wine)
  5. Dessert with special phrase
  6. Hearts Cazucá Cookies "FUNDEHI" Foundation for Integral Human Development
  7. Chocolates "FUNDEA" Pregnant Teen Foundation
  8. Handles "Spike ACCESSORIES" Colombian Crafts
  9. Souvenir photograph..
  10. Medical Assistance Card

Additional not included in the Plan:

  • Bouquet of Roses - See more information here
  • Box of chocolates
  • Serenades: Solos, Duos, Trios, Quartets, Quintets (Violin, Saxophone, Guitar, Singer, French Accordion, Harp, Bass) View more information here
  • Mariachis serenade
  • Door to door transport by private car
  • Collection and transport classic car tour

The Plan does not include:

  • Expenses not specified in the program
  • Dinner does not include: (seafood, 1 / 2 or 1 bottle of wine) In case of ordering must pay the additional value at the restaurant.

Plan Description:

Choose this unique proposal to share the pleasure of having close who is of our affection and love, evoking alpine landscapes of northeastern Italy and the tradition of international cuisine, enjoy a spectacular romantic dinner with wine in the warm and romantic atmosphere of a fireplace, romantic piano music and the beautiful panoramic view of Bogotá, a decorated table reserved especially for you.

These plans are subject to changes as the request of every partner. Ask our commercial advisers on other offers to structure his plan in accordance with his needs. Do of his Romantic Party in Bogota an unforgettable experience.


"In furtherance of the provisions of Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, our agency warns the tourist exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country are criminal and administrative sanctions according to law.”

Remember to take any of our plans to support these:

FUNDEA "Pregnant Teen Foundation”:

Fundea is a nonprofit entity for Welfare abalada family, his job is to escort a pregnant underage girls from low socioeconomic strata and their babies.

Provides tools for young mothers to be active and productive, with an attitude of social leadership as a woman to succeed in making part of the corporate assets to themselves and their children.

One of his tasks is making some rich export quality chocolates that you enjoy once you choose this plan.

FUNDEHI "Foundation for Integral Human Development":

FUNDEHI is an entity based on Integral Human Development of the most vulnerable communities in Bogota to meet basic human needs such as subsistence, protection, affection, identity and freedom.

Un grupo de mujeres, madres de cabeza elaboran unas deliciosas galletas para quienes desean apoyarlas transformando su realidad en nuevas oportunidades para sus hogares, este producto es elaborado en las montañas de los altos de Cazucá, Bogotá.

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