Myths and Legends Plan Romantic Bogotá

Myths and Legends Tour "Halloween"

Myths and Legends Tour "Halloween"


The nights are dressed ghosts in the Candelaria. Fantastic walking tour full of stories, myths and legends, discover the characters that inhabit the cold, dark nights in La Candelaria Bogota. Relive the past and have part of it to find yourself in the magic involved in each space, nook and corner of this area of ​​the city.


Live a unique experience that takes you to walk yesterday through stories of people like Manuela Sáenz, Policarpa Salavarrieta, Loca Margarita, Jose Raimundo Russi, the espeluco of water, and the viceroy Juan Samano, among others.

Indulge and share a night full of mystery either with family or friends, this is a different plan. Minors are allowed provided they are over 8 years and are accompanied by a responsible adult.

The Myths and Legends Tour includes:

  1. Candelaria footpaths lasting 2
  2. Tour guide specializing in stories, myths and legends Bogota
  3. Monologue of four of the characters in these stories
  4. Gift Company
  5. Hot drink

Plan Description:

Begins when being in a specific point in the Candelaria meet our tour guide, who will be representing some of the mysterious characters that are part of our tour of Myths and legends. She who will guide you on a walking tour through the iconic streets of the Candelaria, a place full of spaces that still retain the mystery of that time when everything happened.



As they are in telling the stories of these characters will be some, who took them on a journey into the past, describing their sentences and stories of love and disaffection through creative monologues. Upon completion of this course will enjoy a delicious canelazo, pass-mouth or dinner, depending on the option chosen.

Opción 1: Canelazo

At the end of the tour you can enjoy a delicious hot bebeida canelazo or a Cafe-Bar sextor exclusive to shelter from the cold of the nights Bogota.


Rates valid 2011 - Cost per person.

10 PAX

15 PAX

20 PAX




Opción 2: Pasa-Mouths and Cocktail

Instead of enjoying a delicious canelazo pass-mouth and welcome cocktail at our Cafe-Bar recommended


Rates valid 2011 - Cost per person

10 PAX

15 PAX

20 PAX





Opción 3: Dinner with wine or hot drink

If you want to take advantage and dinner, enjoy one of our restaurants chosen an exquisite dinner, surrounded by the perfect setting to celebrate this night full of mystery.


Rates valid 2011 - Cost per person

10 PAX

15 PAX

20 PAX




The Plan does not include:Expenses not specified in the program.

"In furtherance of the provisions of Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, our agency warns the tourist exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in the country are criminal and administrative sanctions according to existing laws.”

If you take this plan supports the foundation Fundea

Fundea is a non-profit Welfare shot by family, his job is to escort a pregnant underage girls lower strata and their babies.

Da tools to young mothers to be active and productive, with an attitude of social leadership as a woman to make the system achieve social asset for themselves and their children.

One of its tasks is the production of rich quality chocolate that you enjoy export once you choose this plan.

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