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Bogota coffee tour and tasting

copa de vino caliente y recorrido romantico en la candelario Bogota

Who is not delighted with the pleasant aroma of good coffee?
Bogotá travel guide's coffee tour gives you the opportunity to know the coffee culture, the path from the processing and tasting. It is for the amateurs as is for the connoisseurs.

This experience will bring you into discover and learn to liberate true flavors and secrets of the colombian coffee. The tour includes transportation from/to the hotel. You are picked up by a turism special driver and will be driven to the coffee tasting and processing plant and then back.

We build the plan according to your needs:
Date of Plan:
Plan Kind:

Our representatives will contact you back promptly!

Included in the Bogota coffee tour:

  1. Sightseeing transportation door to door
  2. Entrance fee to processing plant
  3. Guidance by certified barista
  4. An expert will give the group an Introduction to coffee (crop varieties, classes)
  5. You will experience first hand the selection process, roasting and cupping
  6. You will receive instruction on various methods of coffee preparation
  7. You will experience the tasting a good cup of coffee.
  8. Duration 2 hours.
  9. Medical assistance card

Not included in the plan:

Prices and more information about Bogota Coffee Tour:

Our plans and tours are tailor made to the needs of each person or group. We are able to offer private tours for individuals, couples, groups of family or friends, as well as business groups.

Contact us, We will provide you with rates and more detailed information about the coffee tour.
Make your visit to Bogota an unforgettable experience. the best way to enjoy or know Bogotá.

Phones: 315 3054
Mobile: 310 341 9849
Si necesita ayuda sobre como llamar a Bogota vea nuestra guía de indicativos.

Details of our Bogota Coffee Tour:

In the processing and tasting plant you will be greeted by a certified barista whom will provide access to the wonderful world of coffee and explain the varieties of grain crops and harvesting process.

So far it seems complete, however, it is just half way in a long process to bring the coffee beans to the right point before they give their flavors to a cup of coffe in our tables. You will dive into this process.

Then the focus of the tour puts you into to the experience of the selection process, roasting and tasting. At this point is when the barista explains different coffee preparations methods like Chemex, French press, Dripper, Espresso, among others.

Follow by the moment of true, the tasting. All recommendations for serving come to place and You will enjoy your delicious cup of coffee.

This tour is and experience for the senses, takes about two hours, with the guidance and expertise of the barista, and includes health care card and return transportation to your destination hotel.

Our plans are tailor made to the needs of each person or group. Please contact us one of our experienced tour advisors will provide you with all information and suggestions in order to bring you the best experience around the Coffee culture. Make your visit to Bogota unique and special.

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