Tourist Plans in Bogota - Bicentenary Tour of Bogota

Bicentenary Tour of Bogota

As we commemorate 200 years of Colombian independence, and the Gondola Theater invite you to the Bicentenary Tour of Bogota which consists of a visit through Bogota's historic city center and an introduction to many other wonders the city has to offer. The tour of downtown Bogota also consists of the play titled: "Stories that walk our streets" (Historias que caminan nuestras calles) which was awarded with award: Premio de creación Localidades Culturalmente Activas 2009. The play is about six characters that left a trait in the streets of la Candelaria. Throughout the play they settle back in the places where they lived, taking over the streets, museums, and old houses of Bogota's neighborhood where the events of the Colombian independence were first seen.

Tour includes:

  1. Walking tour through la Candelaria (approx. 2 hours 30 min)
  2. Presentation of the monologues about life and play of characters.
  3. Tour guide with stories of bicentenary (bilingual upon request).
  4. Canelazo or hot beverage.

Description of Plan:

The tour begins in the Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center where you will have a beautiful view of the Bolivar Square. The walking tour continues to the House of Manuelita Sáenz, today's museum of regional dresses. Then, you will go the La Salle University on 10th Street, from there you will take 2nd Avenue to Chorro de Quevedo Square. Through a hot beverage you will be able to indulge the traditional flavors of Bogota as well as warm up during the chilly evening. The tour finishes in the Silva House of Poetry.

The Bicentenary Tour of Bogota takes place in groups of 30 and the dates will depend on the availability of spots. Tentative date for the next Bicentenary Tour of Bogota is April 24, 2010.

Price per person: $50.000 pesos
Prices valid until June 2010


These plans are subject to change according the suggestion of the tourist. Prior to any changes, please contact us and design your tour with the assistance of one of our agents. Make your visit to Bogota an unforgettable experience!

The Tour does not include:
Additional expensive not stated in the program of the tour..

Tourist Plans for Bogota

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