Bogota Travel Guide - Where to eat in Bogota

Where to eat in Bogota

Bogotá as a cosmopolitan city, offers its residents and tourists a wide variety of foods from different regions of the country and the world. There are restaurants for all tastes and budgets, from the home or also popularly called "corrientazo" to the most refined, elegant and exclusive.

The restaurants are located in different areas of the city:


La Zona Rosa:
Where are located countless establishments like cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. During the day are places to eat and overnight become sites rumba, to dance and have a drink. more info...

Zona "T":
Is comprised of the most exclusive restaurants and bars in the city, highlighted by the variety of dishes, excellent service and the personal touch and style of each, making this area the favorite spot for young people and adults to enjoy an exquisite food prepared by the hands of the finest international carving chefs. more info...

Zona "G":
To enjoy the cuisine specializes in the hands of the most recognized chef in the city, menus full of flavor and style, variety of menus in warm and welcoming environments. more info...

The Park on 93rd:
Is known as the most exclusive site in the north of the capital, around them are cafes, bars, nightclubs, hotels and foreign food restaurants, most with terraces. more info...

Is located near the hills, striking architecture that preserves the place, many of the sites are restaurants and bars at the time. more info...

La Calera:
Fields located on the outskirts of the city and stands out for the wonderful view offering in Bogota, in this area are grouped restaurants and nightclubs frequented most of the city. more info...

North Zone:
Located on the outskirts of Bogota, near the towns of Chía and Cajica, most restaurants in this sector offered typical food and above all Colombian grilled meats on the grill.

Where to eat in Bogota - C Zone - Candelaria

La bruja Restaurant:
La bohemia en Bogotà... Live Music Fridays and Saturdays
Location: Calle 12 No. 3-45
Schedule: Lunes a Sabado.
Phone: 336 9261
Payment: Cash only

Al son de los Grillos Restaurant:
Location: Calle 10 No. 3-60 Bogotà- Centro Històrico
Schedule: Sunday to Sunday 12m a 4:30pm / Wednesday to Saturday 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Phone: 284 8662 / 315 227 0715 / 317 266 7828
Paymen: Cash only

Pico e Gallo Restaurant:
Mexican restaurant.
Location: Calle 10 No. 3-16- Fundaciòn Gilberto Alzate Avendaño
Schedule: Monday to Wednesday 4:30pm. Thursday to Saturday 10:30 pm Cuisine. 11:00 bar. Sunday 5:30pm Cuisine. 11:00pm Bar.
Phone: 342 6580
Payment: Cash Only

Rescoldo's Restaurant:
Specialty: Parrilla Argentina
Location: Calle 11 No. 3-83
Schedule: Monday to Friday from 12 m. to 3:30 p.m.
Phone: 560 4647 / Reservations from 15 people or more (Private event)
Payment: All cards

Enchiladas Restaurant:
Mexican Cuisine. Founded in 1981
Location: Calle 10 No. 2-12
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 12 to 5 pm, No Hollydays
Phone: 286 0312

Andante Ma Non Troppo Restaurant:
Handcraft cuisine.
Location: Torres Del Parque (detras de la Torre A) Cra 5 No. 26-57
Schedule: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday from 8am to 8pm Thursday from 8am to 9pm Friday from 8am to 10pm
Phone: 284 4387-566 7949
Payment: Cash only

Casa de Citas Restaurant:
Peruvian Cuisine, Events y live music.
Location: Carrera 3 No. 13-35
Phone: 286 69 44 - 282 63 68 - 316 330 32 78 /
Payment: Cash only

Felix Restaurant:
Spanish and International cuisine since 1940
Location: Av. Jimenez No. 4-80
Phone: 341 7211- 284 0995 /
Payment: Cash only

El Gato Gris Restaurant:
Located close to "el Chorro de Quevedo" at the alley of the witches in La Candelaria
Location: Carrera 1 a No. 13-12
Phone: 342 1716 / 320 254 9988
Payment: Cash only

Cafè Bici:
Eat & bike rental
Location: cra 3 No. 13-86
Phone: 341 10 27-3125020554
Payment: Cash only

El Duende Café art:
Latte art , Enjoy with your friends the ambience decored with elfs and Fairies, and feel it like your own home.
Location: Calle 10 No. 2-99 La Candelaria
Phone: 342 0426-310 570 3724 - 315 317 0262 /
Payment: Cash only

La Gata Golosa Restaurant:
Be in touch with Histoy, The taste and tradittion of La Candelaria
Location: Cra 3 No. 12-58
Phone: 300 560 0938-301 235 0253-300 569 6242
Payment: Cash only

Bolòu De Verde Restaurant:
Jazz Restaurant
Location: Cra 1a No. 13-20
Phone: 561 0237-316 876 3771 /
Payment: Cash only

Where to eat in Bogota - Santafereña Food

When you travel to Bogota, you will find a variety of dishes. The best cuisine to be the capital, is located there. The visitor will have to choose and soups taste as delicious Ajiaco, original of the Chibcha Indians of the Andean region of Cundinamarca and Boyacá, this dish is considered the symbol of the kitchen Bogota.

Also found Sancocho chicken, the boiled, santafereño stew, meat oriada the fritanga the sobrebarriga with potatoes chorriadas and of course two of the most typical dishes of the old cachaça, the tamale with cheese and chocolate and a good panela water to heat the cold evenings Bogota.

Casa Santa Clara Restaurant:
Specialty: Santafereña brunch
Location: At the peak of Cerro de Carrera Moncerrate This No. 2. 21-48 Paseo Bolivar
Hours: Monday to Saturday from 12 m. 5:00 p.m. Sundays and holidays from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Telephone: 281 93 09 /
Form of payment: All cards

Aquí en SantaFe Restaurant:
The best time of Antioquia and santafereño, vegetarian food
Location: Cra. 7 No 62-63
Hours: Monday to Friday from 12 m. 10:00 p.m. Weekend of 12 m at 11:00 PM
Telephone: 2356216-3484840 /
Form of payment:All cards

Doña Elvira Restaurant:
Since the sobrebarrida a Creole until the bones of sows, the sancocho chicken, lamb and sweaty cake often.
Location: Cl. 50 # 20-28 Chapinero / Galerias
Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 11:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m
Telephone: 2358275 /
Form of payment: Cash

Where to eat in Bogota - Colombian food

Well, but if your tour Bogota is to know and enjoy the Colombian food, I tell that this country and more specifically the Capital, you have a great variety of dishes from all departments of Colombia. In different areas of town you can eat whatever you want and all the prices. So in Bogota you can travel the country through its food, is the department of Choco, with its wide variety of river fish and seafood, typical meal there.

In Antioch, the renowned landscape tray, a dish made up of, rice, beans, ground meat, greaves, or chorizo sausage, fried egg, avocado, slices of ripe plantain, arepa and patacones. At the end of the day will end with a good spirit, typical drink of the region and country. If you want to try food from the Eastern Plains, is the known or Mamona Ternera to Llanera and a fish called "Cachama.

Food Valley is present with its known Sancocho of Cola and vallunos Tamales. Towards the Atlantic Coast is the great variety of fish and shellfish. If you've heard of the piglets, you can also find this dish in the department of Tolima, like their tamales. Boyacá and Cundinamarca Obviously you can not get back with his famous Ajiaco Bogotana, and the fritanga Puchero Boyacense.

Indeed the wealth of local dishes will stay a long time in this city.

Casa Vieja San Diego Restaurant:
Location: Carrera 10 No. 26-60 - Tel:284 7359 / North: Carrera 11 No. 89-08 - Tel: 2573913
Hours: Monday to Friday 12M to 11 Pm, Saturdays and Sundays continuing day
Telephone: 284 7359 /
Form of payment: All cards

La Enramada:
Salon for receptions
Location: Calle 66 # 17-81
Hours: Service from Sunday to Sunday and public holidays
Telephone: (57)(1)2356342 (57)(1)2353928 /
Form of payment:All cards

Las Margaritas Restaurant:
Location: Calle 62 No. 7-77
Hours: Open Tuesday and Thursday 12:00 to 4:30 pm. Friday 12:00 to 6:30 pm.
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 8:00 am to 6:30 pm
Telephone: 249-9486 / 217-0781 /
Form of payment: Cash

Café & Restaurante Pimientos:
And Creole cuisine / Restaurants and Bars category
Location: Cra. 9 #1 3-79 The Cathedral Quarter, Candelaria town

Where to eat in Bogota - International Food

Bogota is very common to find all types of foods in the world. This being a country on the equator, is that thousands of tourists who visit it, may find the dishes in their respective countries and not feel left your palate. Attention in this regard provided by the international chefs specialized in certain moments that are job opportunities in the City, to give his compatriots a sasón with great food and taste of their own country.

It is not unusual in Bogotá because you can taste dishes of international cuisine schists, as the same fast food you can find in their country as Tapatio Mexican enchiladas, La Paella Valenciana from Spain, the Tiramisu Argentina, the Peruvian Ceviche. Sure you are and not let their oriental cuisine, do not worry, there you will find the most important dishes in restaurants of the East, so do not feel strange in this town.

Similarly if you are of those who love to taste different foods and flavors, in Bogota can enjoy a variety of exotic dishes and typical of different regions of the world.

Cafe Blue:
Food: Arabic
Location: Calle 93 No 12 - 73 / Parque de la 93
Phone: 640-7421

Major Arcana:
Lunch: Mediterranean
Location: Carrera 5 No. 119 - 11 / Zona Norte
Phone: 214-2678

Charlie's Roastbeef:
Food: American
Location: Calle 82 No. 11-21 / Zona Rosa and in different Malls
Telephone: 610 1182

China Town Restaurant:
Food: China
Location: Carrera 11 No 91 - 58 / Zona Norte
Phone: 236-0993

Where to eat in Bogota - Vegetarian Meals

In Bogotá you can find a wide variety of vegetarian restaurants. Every day the city offers a great variety of dishes for their health care. If your taste is for traditional dishes, do not worry, restaurants will now have a special vegetarian menu so you can enjoy the foods you like most, restaurants, Di Lucca, La Brasserie, and Via are some of Maria who have specialized in this.

Its menu includes dishes like 'Aubergines Movie,' which is a tower of eggplant, tomato and mozzarella on grilled tomato ragout, accompanied by a toast or a grilled tofu marinated in soy sauce and orange to the plate with sauteed mushrooms in parsley, onion and cherry tomatoes in the oven, or a 'purple Origami' is actually a pâté of cashew and herbs between layers of thin beet sauce with zucchini yellow peel and pistachios.

Also found in northern Bogota Sparrago the vegetarian restaurant, which serves homes and offers Ajiaco, the house soup, mushroom soup, steak in gluten, gluten with mushrooms, paisa tray, lasagna Roman fetuccine asparagus salad and pink, among other dishes. As you can see healthy food free of meat also have their place in the Colombian capital, making it an excellent choice for disease prevention.

Chez Pierre Restaurant:
Food Type: Vegetarian
Location: Calle 62 No.15 - 76 / Zona Rosa
Hours: Monday through Saturday from 1:00 pm to 1:00 am
Phone: 36152212 - 6645

Ventura Soup & Salad:
Food Type: Vegetarian
Location: Calle 90 No.16 - 33 / Zona Norte
Phone: 618-4297

Zukini Restaurant:
Food Type: Vegetarian
Location: Calle 24 No. 7-12 / International Center
Phone: 342-3168

Natural Fast Food:
Type of food: Dietary
Location: Calle 116 No.22 - 96 / Zona Norte
Phone: 521-9325

Where to eat in Bogota - Traditional Desserts

One of the delights in the mouth of Bogota and Colombia are the desserts. Thousands of tourists enjoy them. Colombia has a large variety, which are brought from different regions of the country, it is common to find in stores at all typical sweets or desserts like; the Cocadas, fresh fruit, jams, sweets with syrup, short Arequipa merengón, custard, pudding, cookies sandwiches, as well as special desserts combined with fruits, chocolates, ice cream.

Desserts are also lam and a plethora of sweets from the most remote corners of the country, so "empaláguese" and enjoy the delights on desserts offered by the Capital of Colombia.

La Puerta Falsa cafe:
Location: 11th Street just steps from the seventh race / Zona Centro
Visitors can enjoy cheese and chocolate almojábanas: aguadepanela with cheese, tamales, pan of scrambled eggs or "parrots"; desserts, sweet milk, and other traditional sweets.

Florida Restaurant:
Location: In the seventh race with 21 Street / City Center
Restaurant, where you can enjoy some delicious Onces santafereñas.

Coffee and snacks:
Here you can enjoy a delicious dessert of cream, rice pudding, baked milk, curd with Melado, among others.
Location: Calle 95 No. 13 - 43 Local 3 / Zona Norte
Hours: daily from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm
Phone: 257 89 65


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