Bogota Travel Guide - Zona Rosa

The 22 Places To Go in Bogotá: Zona Rosa (Pink Zone)


Is one of the renoun places in the city, this place meet a variety of stores,like restaurants and handcrafts, clothes stores and bars; is knowed by the night life and predilected by young generations and tourists who are looking for recreation in one of the hotest zones in town.


The Andino Shopping mall is the most representative in the Area, with stores of distinguished trade marks around the globe, making this place a excelent point to visit for a tourist. Builded by the employer Pedro Gomez & Cia. previouly there was the Andino School and The swedish Internation School.

All this sector 15 years ago was known as El retiro, a high class neighborhood but with the pass of time and the uncontrolled growth of the city gave space to stores and restaurants; the owners of the properties in that area start to sell everything to traders, with the porpouses of these to stablish stores; many of those houses was demolished to make place for new constructions and other ones has been remodeled to the exclusives bars and restaurants on the city.

The Pink Zone as itself start in the 82 street on the 80's, at the begining there was only bars and small restaurants where only collage guys goes till lately in the night; And with the time it expanded to the hole sector, becoming in one of the most popular zones to tourist and young entertainment.

On the street 93 races between 11 and 13 A.

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