Bogota Travel Guide - Places where to go : Usaquén

Places to go in Bogota: Usaquén


One of the fascinating places where to go in Bogota, named the attraction of Bogota, Usaquén, is located in the town of the same name. It is characterized by a large number of restaurants and bars that still retains the colonial architecture of its time.

The name "Usaquén" comes from Usacá, Tisquesusa's daughter, whom Fray Domingo de las Casas married to the Spanish captain Juan María Cortés, who later received the lands as dowry. This village, now embedded in the nearby area of the capital, was founded by Indians around 1539 and was abandoned by order of the Spanish in 1777. This areas is also known as land of the sun.


In the colonial era, the region of Usaquén covered La Calera, Chia, and Guasca making it obligatory for travelers to travel towards Tunja. Usaquén witnessed several clashes during the war of independence. In 1846, Usaquén was founded as a municipality and in 1860 the famous battle between Usaquén under the leadership of Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera and government troops took place.

where to go in bogota: Usaquen

One of the best choices between places to go in bogota, Usaquén is an area of cuisine where you will find a wide variety of restaurants. Just as it is a residential and commercial area, it has the best selling antiques and crafts traditional to the city of Bogota.

Some of the main attractions in Usaquén include Hacienda Santa Barbara and Unicentro which are popular shopping malls in Bogota. Some fleamarkets are the "in" places of the city and main attractions in Bogota. Tourists enjoy a stroll through the colonial architecture that still adorns its streets.

where to go in bogota: Usaquen

This old town was absorbed by Bogota city's development. It still emphasizes its central park with a precious piece of art represented in the colonial church surrounded by beautiful adequate and modern colonial houses. Usaquén offers visitors a wide variety of national and international cuisine with restaurants featuring tranquil environments for indoor and outdoor dining.

Here are some sites to see in Usaquén:

  • Church of Santa Barbara:

    Temple which dates from 1665 and still retains its initial construction. Inside there are some oil paintings of the Nativity, Adoration of the Kings, Assumption, and Coronation, all belonging to the School of Gregorio Ceballos Vasquez Arce, considered the best painter of the colony. It is located on Carrera 6 between streets (calles) 118 and 119.

  • Shopping Center Santa Barbara:

    This shopping mall in Bogota lies between 5th and 6th and streets (calles) 118 and 119. Is located in an old hacienda in the savanna.Unique stores make this one of the recommend places where to go in Bogota

  • Square Usaquén (Plaza de Usaquén) :

    Was the main square of the village of Usaquén, species of trees that are still inside, eucalyptus, and liquidambar urapán. It has a fountain in the center and is surrounded by floor bricks, grass, benches, chairs, lanterns, multiple field for children to play.


Bounded on the north by the municipalities of Chia and Sopó, east with the municipality of La Calera, south to 100 Street and west to the highway north. Between Streets (calles) 116a and 121 and between Carreras 5 and 7.

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