WHEN TO GO TO BOGOTA - July Events in Bogotá

Campus Party

2 to July 10
Place: Corferias
Location: Cra. 37 No 24 - 67
Telephone: 381-0000 / 30



Created since 1996, this big fair of electronic and technologic entertainment have place from the 2nd to the 10 of july.
In Campus Party all visitors could attend for the very first time to this event in Corferias.
Check out the Gizmos, the technology innovation, trademarks, products, videogames and the Colombian Tech development in this Campus Party.

This Fair has been in Brazil, Spain, in the huge Iberoamerican version and now we are hosting the exiting colombian version.
Campus Party keeps introduction us to the high tech world, showing the lastest knowledge and fun trought the web, and make real the message "Touch the future".


16 to July 26
Place: Corferias
Location: Cra. 37 No 24 - 67
Telephone: 381-0000 / 30



Is the fair where the lastest advances in the agriculture indutry take place like the inputs, machinery, genetic development.
Just like the socialization about the newest agriculture proyect. This event have place from 16th to 26th of juy in Corferias.
Equipment and agricultural machinery, motor pumps, irrigation systems, machine cutters, grass crushers and all the power tools and machinery related.

Also the top representatives of fungicides, fertilizers, biocides, pesticides and seeds. Solar and alternative energy, meteorology, structure design of greenhouses
and others. ON¿ne of the principal objetives of Agroexpo is to meet together the most important companies in the sector and stablish strategic relationships to improve the technological development.

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