WHEN TO GO TO BOGOTA - January Events in Bogotá

Season Taurine

Date: Mid-January
Place: Bullring "La Santa María"
Location: Cra. 6 No 26 - 50

From the sixteenth century came the first signs of the bulls game Bogotá. After the Independence of Colombia bullfighting tradition was preserved, by the bull fights in public squares of the city to hold events such as holidays. Since 1928 the building of the Plaza de toros de Santamaría, by engineers Adonai Martínez and Eduardo Lazcano.

Its main sponsor was the farmer Ignacio Sanz de Santamaria, who donated the land where he built the arena and in whose honor it was given its name to this scenario. In this way, on February 8, 1931 was inaugurated today by Santamaría Bullring with the performance of Manolo Martinez, Angel Rodriguez and Mariano Navas, who dealt in livestock Mondoñedo.

Each year it takes place in the bullfighting season in January and February, with presentations by recognized figures of bullfighting and abroad. Next to the plaza are the Corporation of Bullfighting Museum of Bogotá and the Plaza located at the north corner, where you can see photographs, costumes and posters of the best seasons.

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