WHEN TO GO TO BOGOTA - April Events in Bogotá

Responsible Colombia

Place: Corferias
Location: Cra. 37 No 24 - 67
Telephone: 381-0000 / 300


Place: Corferias
Location: Cra. 37 No 24 - 67
Telephone: 381-0000 / 30

Andean Fair Gaming. This is a specialized trade show entertainment, recreation and gambling. 3A Diper Productions and Exhibition, are in charge of the design, decoration and assembly of stands. This event will be the third International Congress of the Game Cijuego organized by êtes, Feceazar, Fedelco and Fecoljuegos, where he addressed issues that bear on the future of gaming in the country.

It is hoped that this year's attendance exceeded that of 2008, estimated at 350 people. Also, again FADJA provide promotional services and care with the company stands Stock Models, one of the largest modeling agencies in Latin America. So do not miss this opportunity, of course, if you are a person who likes gambling.


Place: In the main temples of the city

Today Bogotá is one of the most important tourist sites in Easter. The city is ready to receive the thousands of tourists both domestic and foreign. Here in town you can enjoy from 5 until April 12 of the days of reflection and visit the many religious places of worship that are open late into the night.

Over Easter, these are some of the sites required for you when you visit the capital of Colombia:

  • The Shrine of the Divine Child Jesus from July 20 / 27 South Street No. 5A - 27
  • The Church of St. Francis of Assisi / run seventh with Avenida Jiménez
  • The First Cathedral / run seventh with 11 street
  • Our Lady of the Waters /
  • Church Museum of Santa Clara / 8 career numbers 8-91
  • The Convent of the Candelaria Church / street race 4 with 11
  • The church of San Agustín / 7 career with 7th Street
  • Church of Our Lady of Lourdes / stroke 13 with Calle 63
  • The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Caramel / 8 street race with 5
  • The Church of Our Lady of the Waters / career 3 No. 18 - 66
  • The Church of San Ignacio / calle 10 No. 6-35
  • The Parish San Alfonso María Ligorio / Avenue 28 Street 39
  • TheMonserrate Sanctuary / 2 This race No. 21 - 48
  • Cathedral of Salt / two and a half hours from Bogota in Zipaquira

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