Where to go in Bogota - Monuments in Bogota

Monuments in Bogota

Bogotá has many monuments to visit, national architectural heritage, each holds a part of the history of Bogota and the country. Spaces if not preserved as the years pass still keeping alive the spirit of religious liberation and the time spent making it possible to be transported. Most of these monuments are located in the towns of Candelaria and Chapinero Usaquén.

Bogotá also offers educational alternatives for when you go to a museum, there is the possibility to find the routes according to their interests, there is a variety of them in the capital that does not leave disappointed, but on the contrary, acquires cultural knowledge through them.

Today in Bogota as a visitor you have the opportunity to transform and enhance their criteria, knowing the development of cultural values of the capital. There is also a valuable guide to inform you about the different routes that make these wonderful places.

So your vision is critical to encourage through them and take a good tour of the center of the capital. The museum is now a center of knowledge, from the discovery that you made about them.
So when you visit Bogotá there are plenty of monuments, through which you can discover the history of the country are over 27 that decorate the city, through them you can discover the life and work of the characters Bogota.


Monserrate Mountain top:
Location: Cra. 2 Este No. 21 - 48 Paseo Bolivar
Telephone: 284 5700

Casa Museo Quinta de Bolivar:
Declared a National Monument in 1975
It shows passed off as the daily life of the Liberator Simon Bolivar.
Location: Cll. 20 3 - 23 Este
Telephone: 284-6819

Plaza de Bolivar:
In the year 1994 was declared a National Monument
Tourist Attractions: First Cathedral, Capilla del Sagrario, National Capitol, House Museum on July 20, Edificio Lievano
Location: Between the races 7th and 8th, the streets between 10th and 11th  

La Candelaria:
Location: Cll. 48 B sur No. 21 - 13
Telephone: 7698734 / 37

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