Where to go in Bogota - Theme Parks in Bogota

Theme Parks in Bogota

They are designed for large and small enjoy the activities in the middle of the countryside and nature that allow us to know more about the different species of flora and fauna. There are spaces designed to recreate the city life, where children pretend to be taking the major roles of each profession, others seeking to recreate the tales we all know children.

The main goal of the creators of these parks is entertainment, where visitors have fun while learning. Theme park holds a set of attractions, where visitors can while they are entertained, learn, relax, served as classroom and cultural training.

Throughout the world it is common to find these places and Bogotá are not left behind, they are developing cultural life and to attract large and small, is an ideal opportunity to raise awareness of issues that you previously only competed in the schools, you can learn from them, science, mathematics, ecology, technology, anthropology, geology and others.

Location: Cra 68 No. 24 A 51 D
Telephone: 4272707 Ext 1010 to 1301

Museum of Children:
Location: Cra 48 No. 63-97
Phone: 2257587

Location: Calle 183 Autopista Norte No. 45-03 / Centro Comercial Santafé
Phone: 6790077

Panaca Savannah:
Location: Km 4 Via Briceño - Zipaquira
Phone: 3077002

Salitre Mágico:
Location: Cll 63 No. 48 - 96
Phone: 6605000

World Adventure:
Location: Transversal 71D No. 6-30 South
At the eastern side of Avenida Boyaca Avenue between May 1 and Av Americas.
Phone: 414-2700

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