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The 22 Places To Go in Bogotá: Maloka Interactive Center


Maloka is an interactive center where science and technology gets combined in one place to provided the best experience for their visitors, this interactive center open the door on August the 6th of 1998 thanx to the effort to A.C.A.C (Asociación Colombiana para el Avance de la Ciencia ); this association meet several specilist in different fields of technology and science, as well designers and creatives to bring live to this Center, wich is one of the most important knowledge centers in Latin-America.

Maloka is the first Subterranean Interactive Center around the world with an Area with more that 17.000 Mts2 where geology, phisics, science, biology, mechanics and many other disciplines are showed in a funny and easy way to understanding for the common visitor.

This center has 9 thematic exposition rooms, as well as 300 interactive modules and a cinema Dome giant screen, the screen provides a 180° vision permitting to the visitors to live a unique experince in Colombia, surrounded by total realism.

Location: Cra. 68 D No. 24 A 51. Carrera 68D No. 40A -51 - Tel: 427-2707 Ciudad Salitre

Schedulle: Monday to Friday: 9am. at 6pm., Saturdays 10am. to 7pm., Sundays and public holidays: 11am. at 7pm.

Rates: Interactive rooms: $ 9,000 pesos (~ U.S. $ 4.50) - Cine Domo: $ 9,500 pesos (~ U.S. $ 5.0)-Digital Cinema $ 9,500 pesos (~ U.S. $ 5.0)

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