Where to go in Bogota - Theaters in Bogota

Theaters in Bogota

The capital of Colombia, is a place full of art where it is walking, has theaters open to the public every month of the year, there are daily presentations changing season to season, works which reflect the culture and customs of Bogotá Some of them show from their lyrics, criticism of the different social, political, and his characters, both nationally and internationally.

Each theater is designed to be active between asistententes and works there.


Theater Cristobal Colón:
National Monument, is a scenario for the development of the performing arts and music.
Featured as one of the most beautiful theaters to the Italian our continent
Location: Cll. 10 No. 5 - 32
Telephone: 2847420 - 3410475

Theater Colsubsidio (Roberto Arias Perez) :
Location: Cll. 26 N° 25 - 40
Telephone: 3462670 - 3432673

Theater Jorge Eliécer Gaitán:
Location: Cra 7 No. 22 - 47  
Telephone: 3346800 ext. 301 - 315                          

Theater Nacional La Castellana:
Location: Calle 95 Nro. 47 - 15 
Telephone: 2570893

Theater Patria:
Location: Carrera 7a. - Calle 106
Telephone: 2147973 

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