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The 22 Places To Go in Bogotá: Unicentro Shopping Mall


Founded in april 28 of 1976 by Pedro Gomez & Cia. Unicentro was the most complete mall in town, where generally we use to find everything what we looking for, renoun by the Slogan: "the Place with everything on it".

Was pioneer as a mall and keep being one of the important ones on the city, also introduces a commercial concept in the city making a new life style and being the example to other buildings.

Unicentro meets everything in one place, different Cloth stores and brand accesories, a variety in restaurants, casinos, divisas exhanges, handcraft stores, art galeries, travel agencies, banks, and others, also has 8 cinemas,
beauty salons, and fun areas for youngs and kids.

On Christmas, Unicentro is one of the shopping Malls most decorated in the city, opening till midnight. Its the perfect place to meet with friends, make apointments, shop, have fun and eat.

Unicentro offers parking lots through entrances on 14th and 15th Avenue/Carrera as well as 127th Street/Calle.

3 hrs: $2,000.00
Every additional hour or fraction of hour: $2,000.00

Location: Cra. 15 Avenue No. 123 - 30

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