Bogota Travel Guide - La Macarena

The 22 Places To Go in Bogota: La Macarena


Declared as National Monument La Macarena its a place to meditate thanks to quiteness of the places, the houses in that area are big and luxury because around the '30s this was a place of city high-ranking. Around the '70s the Park Towers were build designed by Rogelio Salmona close to the independence park.

In this location we could find the Distrital Planetary, the Bobogta's modern Art museum, the Santa Maria's bullring and other building like embassies, architecture offices, editorial offices and arts galeries among others.

La Macarena, Bogota Places to go

This place is surrounded by bars, caffes and restaurants so that is frequently visited by university students who hang up with friends and coworkers a bohemian night after a hard day of study.

La Macarena, Bogota Places to go

La Macarena, Bogota's Little secret

Its streets have captured the color and taste of its inhabitants, making posible to observe different street styles. Also Is recognized for the ig parks to exercise, have a breath of morning pure air or rest after lunch. La Macarena will make you feel in a Joyful and Bohemian Bogota.

But remember to treat keep La Macarena Bogota's little treaseure as a secret, just tell it to your close friends and keep coming back.

Between 3 and 5 Carrera, between Calles 26 and 30.

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