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The 22 Places To Go in Bogotá: Botanic Garden


This beautiful garden, get his name from the Spanish scientific Jose Celestino Mutis, who was designated to find, search and clasified flowers and animals of Nueva Granada, founded in 1955 by the Colombian scientific Enrique Perez Arbelaez.

Here we can find all the flower's diversity of our Country in one place, so that it becomes in a mandatory visit point in Bogota. This garden has 19 hectares, where not only is all the flora in our country, but also to promote the protection of species in danger of extinction. This park is considered the green lung of Bogota, since this is a big city, needs areas like this one for the oxigenation.


As an Ecologic center, we can find green places full of quiteness and peaceful locations surrounded by beautiful lakes, wich make your visit to the park a rewarding and reflexive experience on your trip to bogota.

The Botanical Garden is organized in different sections where we could observe and experiment the different weathers on each region around Colombia (paramo, Amazonia, the Andean landscape, plains of the Orinoco and swamps) and the same time appreciate the habitat of over 18.200 live tipical plants around Colombia.

The Jose Celestino Mutis Botanical park is a mandatory visit for the eco-tourist, wich is concern about the preservation of flora and fauna of our country, and for those who wants a scape from the city enviroment.

Monday to friday 8:00am to 5:00pm, saturdays, sundays and holidays from 9:00 to 5:00om

Rates: Adults: $ 2,700 pesos (~ U.S. $ 1.80) - Children: $ 1,400 pesos (~ U.S. $ 0.7)

Location: Avenue 57th Street No. 61 - 13

Telephone: (571)4377060.

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