Natural Parks in Bogota - Where to go in Bogota

Natural Parks in Bogota

Ideal space to enter into direct contact with nature. There you can see, touch, smell, feel and experience the magic offered by these gardens adorned with wildlife of all colors, shapes and sizes. Remember this is a place to reflect, meditate and be with oneself, family and friends, covered by a very special environment.

Bogota now has a large number of parks, because of its ecological structure, so that you have available to large green areas, which are adequately protected in order to observe the great variety of fauna and flora. Most of them are located in the mountain system of the Savannah. They are part of the eastern hills, forest reserves and wetlands.

In Bogota as in large cities, the green areas are public property and open access movement. Also from this wealth of the city, the rivers, streams and canals. All these attractions were created for urban recreation in Bogota, tourists and citizens in general.


Parque Simón Bolívar:
Location: Furrowed by the floods "cross 48", "Rush 68", "street 63" and "Calle 53"0
With an area of 113 hectares, an acoustic shell and a plaza for events among other attractions.

Botanic Garden::
Location: Av. Cll. 57 No. 61 - 13
Telephone: 4377060

Park Lake:
Park known as the bride and groom
Location: Calle 63 No. 38 A 10                        

Florida park:
Located at Km 3 via Engativá-Cota 
267 hectares of greenery and freshness.

National Park Olaya Herrera:
It has 283 hectares, concentration values istorical, cultural, recreational and natural in one place.
Location: Cra. 7 Streets 36 - 39  

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